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Coffee Avenue: UST’s Best Kept Secret

Beef Stroganoff, Ph139. This is one of their best sellers and for good reason. It looks like Kare-Kare I know. My little nephew also pointed it out, hehe, but it isn’t and it doesn’t taste like Kare-Kare. This is my husband’s order.

I discovered Coffee Avenue through my sister who works at UST Hospital (University of Sto. Tomas – EspaΓ±a Blvd., Sampaloc, Manila). Since then, it’s what I always look forward to whenever I go to UST. I love this place and I can’t wait for you to try it out too. So if you’re looking for where to eat in UST, it’s here! It’s not very popular outside of UST or online but trust me on this, Coffee Avenue will not disappoint you! As I always say, the best out there is not always the most popular. 

Where to eat in UST - Coffee Avenue_Bacon Breakfast
Bacon Breakfast, Php119. They offer all-day breakfast meals, which I think is awesome! My cute niece ordered this but my husband enjoyed it way more than her, haha!

I can still remember the first day I got hooked. My sister and I actually just went here for dessert then and I ordered their dark chocolate cake covered in boiled white icing (marshmallow icing) with crunchy honeycomb candy filling. HUWOW!!! It was phenomenal. I looked around at what others were eating and thought to myself: “One day soon I shall come back to eat that!”. Yes, I am that kind of person who scans what other people are eating to get actual “recommendation”, hehe. Do you do that too? =p 

My niece and nephew with my sister. We visited her at work and brought her food ^_^

So I went to UST Hospital today with my husband to get checked up in preparation for pregnancy. You guessed right we ate here =D. We were with my niece and nephew and they loved it here too! We had late lunch at about 2PM and the place is still full. There was thankfully a spot just enough for the four of us to be seated. With that, just make sure to avoid the rush hours when you go here because they are always full. We were famished so we were really grateful for their fast service. Sorry I was not able to take better pictures though. But trust me, everything was delicious and had large portions. Honestly, one meal is good enough for two. My husband actually shared each of our meals with us, haha! 

Breaded Fish with Sweet Chili Sauce, Php99. You might not be able to see clearly but what you there are two generous fillets of Cream Dory fish. My nephew was only able to eat one slice. He even shared it with my husband, who apparently ate around =p.

Too bad, my favorite cake was not available. This is kind of good though because the doctor said I should get really serious about losing the extra weight in lieu of my PCOS. I’ve written about that in here and in my second to the last newsletter, which I invite you to subscribe to. Just fill up the SIGN UP FORM you can see above, on the side or below. Any of these will do. I send a weekly dose of deliciousness for your tummy and your life in those newsletters. Looking forward to getting to know you more there.

Chicken Parmigiana Pasta, Php169. And this is my order. What you see is a large plate people. That’s a large slice of breaded chicken breast over a generous serving of tomato-based pasta. Again, my husband shared this with me =D.


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Address: 2/F UST Multi-Deck Parking, Manila (in front of UST Hospital Main Entrance)

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (9AM-8PM); Saturday (9AM-5PM); Closed on Sundays

Price Range (for 2): Php300-500

Contact #: (02) 227-8895; 0917-845-0424


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