Wence’ Dessert Cafe: Babalik-balikan mo to!

Where to eat in Bulacan - Wence Dessert Cafe_Shibuya Honey Toast

Shibuya Honey Toast (Php125). This is their take on this brick toast dessert that originated from Shibuya, Japan. The concept was brought here in the Philippines by Cafe Shibuya. I have never tried that because it seems pricey, hehe so I do not have a point of comparison but as it is, this version is DELICIOUS! I love the concept of this dessert. It is a thick slice of crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside sweet bread, topped with melted cheese, caramel, ice cream, whipped cream and sliced almonds. Need I say more? I am really intrigued as to how the original tastes like so I’m definitely scheduling a visit to Cafe Shibuya soon =D. 

Where to eat in Bulacan - Wence Dessert Cafe_Garlic Fried Chicken with Rice

Garlic Fried Chicken with Rice (Php109). This fried chicken is goooooood!!! Definitely a MUST TRY!

I was planning on writing about a different food place for this week but then I experienced Wence’ Dessert Cafe just about a week ago and I was instantly hooked! I just have to share it with all of you as soon as possible so you know where to eat in Bulacan, particularly in Guiguinto (the branch we visited) or in Malolos (the main branch). My husband and I first went here with two of our co-volunteers in our Tabing Ilog Community outreach and then immediately went back with my sister and her boyfriend about a couple of days after. It is that good!

Where to eat in Bulacan - Wence Dessert Cafe_Thai Spicy Rice

Thai Spicy Rice (Php79) If you love spicy, you’ll love this!

Where to eat in Bulacan - Wence Dessert Cafe_Interior

The place is sleek and modern so we were kind of expecting their food to be expensive when we went there the first time. However, we were surprised as we browsed through their very straightforward menu. Their food is very affordable with shakes going for as low as Php38! By then, we actually got a little suspicious. We thought maybe the food is blah or maybe (hopefully) not! I had two consecutive bad food experiences prior to going here and I really wanted a delicious redemption.

Where to eat in Bulacan - Wence Dessert Cafe_Sour Cream & Onion Fries (Regular)

Sour Cream & Onion Fries (also in Cheese and Barbecue flavors in three sizes – Regular, Medium and Large)

With such musings, we ordered and waited expectantly. It didn’t take long even though the place was packed. Kudos to Wence’ Dessert Cafe for that! And then we dug in…WOW! It’s delicious!!! Beautiful place, check! Affordable pricing, check! Good customer service, check! Delicious food, check! How’d they do that? 

Where to eat in Bulacan - Wence Dessert Cafe_Waffle

I Heart Chiz Belgian Waffle with Ice Cream (Php63). There is nothing remarkable about the waffle itself but it is worth noting how generous the toppings are and for that I’m still very happy.

Where to eat in Bulacan - Wence Dessert Cafe_Baked Macaroni

Baked Macaroni (Php 69/89). This is your classic Pinoy version made special with a generous topping of cheese

Whoever is behind this place, you and your team are brilliant! Thank you for the huge heart that I am sure went with starting and running this place. You are a shining example of how a food business should be done. You’ve accomplished the aim you’ve stated in your Facebook Page: “Wence’ also aims to pioneer the concept of “FAST DINING” by offering a good balance between the affordability of Fast Food Joints, and the deliciousness and excellent food presentations of Fine Dining Restaurants.” Congratulations for a job well done!As an entrepreneur, I am inspired. As a customer, I am really satisfied.  I am looking forward to going back again and again and I hope to see more variety in Wence’ Dessert Cafe’s menu in the future. I am sure the team behind this notable cafe has got more deliciousness up their sleeves. Please keep surprising us!

Where to eat in Bulacan - Wence Dessert Cafe_Aglio Olio a la Romana

Aglio Olio a la Romana (Php89). If you’re looking for a healthy option, this is it for you

Where to eat in Bulacan - Wence Dessert Cafe_Creamy Carbonara

Creamy Carbonara (Php89). My husband really loved this ^_^

Where to Eat in Bulacan: WENCE’ DESSERT CAFE DETAILS

Address: 621 MacArthur Hwy, Guiguinto, Bulacan (in front of Walter Mart)
Main Branch: Twins Plaza, KM 41 MacArthur Hwy, Malolos, Bulacan
Opening Hours: 10AM-10PM
Price Range (for 2): 200-400

Where to Eat in Bulacan: WENCE’ DESSERT CAFE MENU

Where to eat in Bulacan - Wence Dessert Cafe_menu

Where to eat in Bulacan - Wence Dessert Cafe_menu0

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  1. The Shibuya Toast was really good! I was just surprised that you liked the rice meals especially the pasta. Nothing ordinary. I’d choose Greenwich anytime. Anyway, have you been to other pasta places here in Bulacan? Have you tried Vaneaty? Kalye Mabini? Cafe Plus? Or the nearby Kitchen Avenue perhaps? Well, in my own opinion, affordability & good taste can go hand in hand.

    • Hi Margaret! =) Ngayon ko lang po napansin itong comment na ito and I would just like to thank you for your recommendations. I will surely try them one of these days =)

  2. Hi! My family and I went to Wence last February 19 (for my husband’s post birthday celebration). Like you, we’ve been hooked. Especially with its Shibuya honey toast (original). It’s now my favorite dessert. We don’t have our own car, so we just took PUJ from St. Martin, Marilao to Wence, Guiguinto. Inconvenient? yes! but it was worth it! Thanks for posting the picture of Wence’s Shibuya. (bigla tuloy kaming naglaway.he..he.he.) btw, I was one of the lucky winners of your top ten new cafes and restaurant in Marilao and Meycauayan (Krazy Kup’s meal). Again, thank you and God bless!

    • Ako nga rin po ay natatakam dahil sa picture na yun, hehe. Malamang dayuhin po ulit namin one of these days. Thank you so much po for being part of The BuckEAT List community ^_^