This is How We Party

This is How We Party! (Homecooked Filipino Birthday Feast)

One week ago, we celebrated my younger sister’s birthday (she’s 27!!!) and it was a FOOD BLAST! As early as now though, I would like to give all the credit to my mother for making all the delicious food. Everything was just so special…made with love ^_^. It was also such a pleasure to photograph the bountiful and colorful feast. Moreover, I loved having the opportunity to practice my food photography without me having to cook. I was assigned to only two and a half (yes, half because I half-prepared the Fresh Salad =p) of the many dishes your eyes are about to feast on. The other two items I made, which I am going to feature in my next posts are Maki and a small No Bake Yema Cake.

This is How We Party_Carbonara

A noodle dish (usually any variety of pancit) is imperative in any Filipino birthday feast because it represents long life. For this particular celebration, my younger sister requested for Carbonara because it is her boyfriend’s favorite. Cheeeeeesssssssy!!! =p (@Tenten: I can imagine your face turning red as you writhe right about now, hihihi)

This is How We Party_Menudo

This Filipino dish is very different from the Mexican Menudo, also called Pancita (literally, little gut) made with beef tripe and red chili pepper sauce. The Filipino version is made with cubed pork, hotdogs, carrots, potatoes and raisins in tomato and liver sauce. Moreover, it is fun to note that a lot of Filipino stews have names that end in -do; like asado, igado, estofado, mechado. Do you know the etymology of these names? Or know of some more? I’m guessing -do probably means stew or sauce, hehe =p.

This is How We Party_Kaldereta

This is my husband’s favorite! It has a tomato-based sauce enriched with coconut milk that is traditionally prepared with chevon or goat meat. I have also encountered some versions topped with cheese. How flavorful is that! At home, my mother usually use pork because that’s more affordable and she makes it spicy. 

This is How We Party_BBQ Liempo
Grilled BBQ Liempo

Need I say more??? Look at those beautiful chops of tender charred meat! My mother actually prepared three batches with different marinades. I liked the one with banana ketchup and sugar, very Pinoy =D.

This is How We Party_Inihaw na Hito
Inihaw na Hito (Grilled Catfish)
This is How We Party_Inihaw na Pusit
Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid)

My husband was in charge of all the grilling. Fair enough because he was the most excited about all the grilled stuff especially the seafoods. I, for one, am not a big fan of grilled seafoods. I can’t take the fresh taste or lansa (there is no direct translation of this Tagalog word in English). I like them fried or with sauces just like the next dish.

This is How We Party_Garlic Butter Shrimp
Garlic Butter Shrimp

YUMMMMMYYYY!!! Can you imagine the smell of garlic sauteed in butter? One of the most awesome things in the world! Too bad my lips get a little itchy after eating shrimp. I have never noticed this before but now it is becoming irritating. I don’t want to push it though so I just enjoy these babies in small amounts.

This is How We Party_Steamed Crabs
Steamed Crabs

My mother cooked these crabs (locally, talangka) a day or two before the actual celebration because as my father says, it is best to immediately steam them while they are still alive lest they lose their fat (locally, aligue). Since I knew that I will not be able to enjoy every food on the actual feast; I took it upon myself to quietly take one big crab, slowly savor it with some soy sauce and vinegar and voila! I was one happy tummy!

This is How We Party_Fresh Salad
Fresh Salad

Of course, of course, there had to be balance and so a big bowl of Fresh Salad was also in the food line up=p. It was a very simple mix of lettuce, cucumber, apple and mango with homemade vinaigrette made with white cane vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, salt and pepper.

This is How We Party_The Feast
Filipino Feast

So that is how we party…with lots and lots of food! And videoke of course plus a little wine ^_^.




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