Salted Milk Rice and Mango

Salted Milk Rice and Mango

Salted Milk Rice and MangoI was hesitating on making this Salted Milk Rice and Mango recipe into a full blog post for reasons only my subconscious knows. I originally just planned on a quick feature on Instagram (speaking of…do check out my IG account, follow and tag me @thebuckeatlistblog ^_^). Thankfully, I remembered that one of the more important goals of this blog is to put the spotlight on the deliciousness and diversity of Filipino food. So here I am proudly showcasing this traditional Filipino dish that I have loved from my childhood. If you haven’t tried it, you definitely should!!! Make sure to check out the recipe and make this at home. It is very easy and simple. You can turn to this recipe whenever you need a quick and filling meal. Moreover, kids would love this! My niece and nephew, who are seven and eight now, could eat this for every meal of the day if they’ll be allowed to.
Salted Milk Rice and MangoHonestly though, I do not know the official name of this dish. I have asked my mother but she said she can’t remember it having a name. The yummy concept was just passed from one generation to another. By the way, I am a full-blooded Kapampangan and I have presumed that a meal of Salted Milk Rice and Mango is unique to the province of Pampanga. However, I have read from one blog that this is eaten in the whole Central Luzon region. Is this true? Where are you from? Have you tried this? Salted Milk Rice and MangoThis dish is traditionally and best prepared with fresh Carabao milk but since that is not as available or accessible nowadays; we often just use powdered milk with water to satisfy our craving for this refreshing meal. I recommend against using fresh milk because it lacks flavor. Also, you can make this with banana (the Lakatan variety) instead of ripe mango.Salted Milk Rice and MangoLastly, if you think more about it, it is kind of like the western milk and cereals but I am not sure if that is the actual influence of this meal. Plus, this is not necessarily a breakfast meal. I would love to know the history behind this food so do share in the comment section below if you know, please? =)Salted Milk Rice and Mango

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Salted Milk Rice and Mango
Serves 1
A refreshing traditional Filipino dish to try for a quick and filling breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is very easy and simple to make!
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  1. 1 cup Rice (cooked)
  2. 1/2 - 1 cup Fresh Carabao Milk or 4 tbsps Full Cream Powdered Milk + 3/4 cup Water
  3. 1 - 2 cheeks of Ripe Mango (peeled)
  4. pinch of Fine Salt
  1. Pour 1/2 - 1 cup Fresh Carabao Milk or 4 tbsps Full Cream Powdered Milk + 3/4 cup Water over 1 cup cooked Rice
  2. Sprinkle with a pinch of Fine Salt (or more, if you like it saltier)
  3. Top with Ripe Mango
  1. If buying Fresh Carabao Milk from the market, make sure to boil it first before using
  2. The measurements indicated here are suggestive rather than definitive, just play it by your own taste preference
  3. It is best to serve this warm either through the rice, the milk (if using leftover rice from the previous day) or both, why not?
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  1. Jenny Pisco

    Very healthy… At ung mango pwede na ulam at dessert 🙂

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