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Refining Recipes and Food Photography Skills

Hello! Hello! Hello! How have you been? I hope this post finds you well, optimistic, hopeful and excited. The election here in the Philippines is finally over! Unfortunately, there is still a lot of hating and complaining =(. Nonetheless, I can feel it in my bones, that the next six years will be a turning point for this country. We now have a very passionate and bold President, like I have never seen before. I am believing that every Filipino will be inspired to do his or her part for the betterment of this beautiful nation. In this light, I am even more gung-ho in becoming a productive and progressive citizen. In my own small way, I will be the change I want to see and I will be the best that I can be! Indeed, I have been busy doing the latter in relation to this blog – refining recipes and my food photography skills =).

I am working on several recipes and taking pictures, of course. It is not that easy to do so in the heat of this summer. We are averaging at 40 degrees Celsius!!! It is really so hot out here and then add the heat of the oven to that. Yikes! I must really love what I’m doing. In fact, I do. I love having this blog even if I often feel like I’m just speaking to myself, hehe. Even so, I am continuing and pursuing excellence by faith ^_^. To you, who is actually reading, THANK YOU! I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Let me know what you think about this blog and what recipes, reviews, travel adventures or helpful articles you would like to see.

Cereal CrispiesEasy Homemade Cereal Crispies

This is a very easy dessert treat to make and it is perfect to bring for outings this summer. No sweat!

Sticky Cinnamon BunsSticky Cinnamon Buns (Hacking Starbucks’ Recipe)

I love Starbucks’ sticky cinnamon buns but the price of one bun has increased significantly through the years. So I got motivated to hack this recipe and make it at home. After five tries, I think I finally did! So excited to share this recipe hack with you.

Banana Milk Chocolate Chip Cake LoafBanana Milk Chocolate Chip Cake Loaf

The delicious melding of banana and milk chocolate flavors surprised me in this serendipitous cake loaf. It was not my original intention to mix in milk chocolate chips in this banana cake loaf recipe but I was making this for my niece and she wanted it with chocolate. I remembered I had some milk chocolate chips in storage and so I added those.

Special Chocolate CakeChocolate Caramel Cake with Buttercream Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting …whew! That was long! Any suggestions for a shorter but still descriptive name?

The frosting I used in this cake is divine! Thank you Sarah Carey from Everyday Food for sharing the recipe for this frosting.

Lemon and Raisin Cake LoafLemon and Raisin Cake Loaf …which surprisingly tasted like Leche Flan, a creme caramel custard very popular in the Philippines. Maybe I’d call it Leche Flan Cake Loaf instead =p



  1. Everything looks so palatable and very sweet and delicious… Hoping to taste one of these cakes for me to recommend the best cake in town to my friends πŸ™‚

  2. Romavel Hipolito

    Baking is my stress reliever!!πŸ’• nakaka enjoy mag bake lalo pag katuwang mo ang love of your life.. Kahit mainit nagbbake kami ng cupcake para sa only one naming baby. Napaka cute tignan ng ganung way.😊😊😊 by the way😍 i love your super foods. Im a fan of banana loaf, which u added some chocolate chips is a great idea. Kids will love it talaga! Also the cereal crispy mahilig ako sa cereal, gusto ko to matry nakakatakam po ang kuha niyo hehehe. I love it all sana matutunan ko lahat iyan gawin para sa aking baby na matakaw!☺️ I love your blog! Super moms love baking!πŸ™‹πŸ»β€οΈ

    • Thank you so much po for the love =D. Masarap po talaga yung blend ng flavor ng banana and milk chocolate. Siguradong magugustuhan ng baby nyo. Yung cereal crispies din po ay patok sa mga chikiting. I’ll be posting recipes for these soon. So glad to meet another baker ^_^

  3. Agustina pescante

    I really love baking!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰ The special thing about baking is there so much things to prepare and to do, all measurements must be perfect, how you mix it and all of the steps in baking must be followed or anything you’ve will be wasted. I think all of the pastries in your blog was made of love, and I think that’s why its look delicious & it was really delicious at all, I learned baking when I was 34 y/o (so late πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ busy kasi sa work) I tried banana cake, chocolate cake as you can see I focused a lot on making cakes because I love cakes, and i think all of your experience in baking I experienced too so I understand how much time and love and passion sacrificed just to make this beautiful and delicious pastries.

    • Hello po!!! I’m so glad to hear from a fellow baker! Thank you so much for sharing your similar passion in baking. I hope this humble blog could help you in your learning journey. Please don’t hesitate to come by, ask or share any time ^_^

  4. May isa pa pla akong suggestion hehe ..
    Bkit po di niyo try gumawa ng pili cake???
    Nag try po kse kmi gumawa dito nun .. ang srap .. try niyo lang po i swear sobrang sarap lagyan niyo po ng choco dip . Or yung prang kisses na maliliit .. sobrang sarap po .

    • Nai-imagine ko po na masarap talaga yung pili cake! =D Now, I am wondering why pili nuts is not used more often sa baking dito sa Pilipinas? It should be a natural alternative to almonds dahil itong ang sariling atin…thank you po for the inspration!

  5. Suggestion lang po .. para dun sa Chocolate caramel with butter cream ..
    Bakit dina lang po CHOCOMEL BUTTER CAKE?
    SA Designs palang sobrang nakakatakam na yung plating very awesome ..
    . At napaka simple .. mas masarap kainin yung simple πŸ™‚
    Congrats! Po πŸ™‚ you did it well ..

    • Maraming maraming salamat po for your inputs and compliment ^_^ Yun nga rin po talaga ang gusto ko, simple lang pero masarap talaga!

  6. Everything looks D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!! πŸ™‚ I am not a fan of food blogs before, well this is the only one I follow because I know for a fact, everything that will be put out here tastes good! I love to eat and your writing style, photos are too enticing. Photos will invite readers to visit the page. So, go, go, go on your food photography! You are doing a great job! πŸ™‚ If I were to suggest future posts, I’d say write up of some of the cafes you’ve tried, followed by your personal favorite from that cafe – BUT with your own twist! πŸ™‚ I am actually rooting for Baguio’s strawberry shortcake which I haven’t tried here yet. ^_^ All the best on your blog and business!

    • Salamat! Salamat! Especially for the encouragement on the food photography^_^ Thank you for the brilliant suggestions, they’re very much aligned with the direction we want to take for the blog, galing! Lastly, gusto ko rin talagang gumawa ng strawberry shortcake=D

  7. Who doesn’t love baking? I guess we all do love the heat from the oven.

    I love how minimal and mobile optimized your blog is.

    On this post, I felt like I want to get a taste of the Lemoj and Raisin Cake Loaf, and that Chocolate Caramel Cake.

    Maybe share easy baking recipes that everyone can do regardless of the age?

    Hoping in craving for more on your blog.


    • Thank you for the technical feedback. I have actually been wondering how people are seeing the blog in their cellphones. I shall definitely share easy baking recipes ^_^

  8. Chickie Laurente

    Hi! I hope you’ll also try making sugar-free pastries and also come up with recipes that uses healthy ingredients or a healthier alternative. This may be a bit pricey though.

    • Thank you so much for this suggestion. I’m actually in the process of developing a sugar-free banana cake loaf since banana is naturally sweet. I shall update you once that’s successful. Please do subscribe so you won’t miss any updates =D

  9. How about ice cream cake or ice cream sandwich? Perfect for the weather! Especially the DQ! Yum! And the Selecta’s Moo ICream Sandwich! Hack! Hack hack!!! πŸ˜€ I remember when I was elementary, my day wouldn’t be perfect if me and my friends didn’t eat that on our recess time. Oh. good old days. But the chocolate caramel cake says it’s perfectly acceptable to eat dessert first, and I couldn’t agree more. Look so yummmyyy!!! I love the catchy name of your blog and all the delicious treats and recipes you share :’) Looking forward for more recipe’s,I also love baking,as in! Because baking is love,and love is all we need! <3

  10. Sweet day! Sweet yum yum! Just what we need to feel inlove each day especially during this time! All we need is love haha and your cakes/pastries too! All looks so yum yummy! How about giving a lesson learned for every cake baked for product recall? God bless you your sweet household and sweet business! Love and prayers!πŸ’–β˜πŸ˜€

    • Thank you so much for your kind and sweet words =). We’ll take note of your nice suggestion. God bless your sweet household too!

  11. Wow! Lot’s of pastry. This blog is worth reading for. (Sounds like an icon phrase hahaha) This is very informative and most of the time inspiring. πŸ™‚ First time to heard about buttercream chocolate cream cheese frosting.
    I suggest you to hack the espresso chocolate cheese cake of Cafe France. (ssshh haha that’s my fav) Pricey kasi eh, I hope you will have a cheaper way to make it. Looking forward to explore the “kakanin world of the Philippines” (haha may mga kakanin kasi na d ko alam ang tawag ) I think, I am the first one who put words here. XD International pla ito, sana maintindihan ng foreigner ito. Haahha

    • Thank you so much for taking the time Jadey! Love your suggestions! Sakto yan sa mga gustong-gusto kong gawin – hacking recipes, finding more affordable substitutions and food traveling =D

  12. I agree πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Indeed if you love what you are doing you will never get tired of doing it <3 <3 <3 Parang sa relasyon lang yan kahit na anong problema ang dumating, anuman ang kapintasan ng iyong kasintahan, makita mo man ang kanyang mga kahinaan hindi mo ito iintindihin kasi nga MAHAL MO SYA <3 <3 <3

    • Thank you so much for the affirmation ^_^! Follow up question: meron ka bang partikular na hinahanap kapag napapadpad ka sa mga food and travel blogs? Tsaka don’t forget to subscribe (and confirm via email) to qualify sa Win a Cake Promo. Super thank you! Ikaw ang first official commenter, hehe

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