Native Filipino Delicacies

Hey there! You probably know that the Philippines is an archipelago composed of 7,107 islands. What you probably don’t know is that 400 more islands were recently discovered by the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA)! With 7,500 islands (2,000 are inhabited), it is no wonder that the Philippines has such a diverse and colorful food culture. It is my dream to sample and document the best of what the 81 provinces of the Philippines has to offer. I want this blog to be an embassy of Filipino food and hopefully publish a book about all the deliciousness (gotta dream big =p). I want the whole world to know, stop, take a look and have a taste.  For now, let me entice you with an overview of my dream eats in the Philippines, which I will substantiate everytime I fulfill an item or encounter a new one. Whether you’re a native of the Philippines or a foreigner who wants to visit this beautiful country, I am certain that you will find something surprising and appetizing in this list. I am sure you also have something to share, so please do leave a comment below. ^_^


Authentic Filipino Specialties

Filipino Food Maps

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Authentic Filipino Specialties

Pinikpikan by Cafe by the Ruins (Cordillera)

Pinikpikan_Cafe by the Ruins
Similar to the usual Filipino Chicken Tinola but way flavorful. The chicken is ritually battered and roasted while the soup is blended with Etag (cured and smoked pork)

Pinuneg or Blood Sausage by Cafe Yagam (Baguio)

Pinuneg by Cafe Yagam (Baguio)
So good with vinegar! Perfect appetizer or pulutan

Sinigang na Bagnet sa Strawberries by Rancho Norte (Baguio)

Empanada (Ilocos)

Aling Lucing’s Sisig (Angeles, Pampanga)

A pure Filipino gastronomic invention and manifestation of ingenuity. The authentic Kapampangan Pork Sisig is made by grilling pig face and ears and sauteeing that in pig brains and chicken liver. Best enjoyed with calamansi and chili.

La Paz Batchoy (Iloilo)

Chicken Inasal (Bacolod)

Freshly-made Piaya (Bacolod)

Durian Ice Cream (Bukidnon)

Tyula itum (Tawi-Tawi)

Jintan (Tawi-Tawi)

Filipino Food Maps

Pancit (Noodle Dishes) – at least 60 varieties!

Local Kinds of Vinegars in the Philippines

Native Filipino Desserts (Kakanin, Kalamay at Minatamis)

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