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Local DiscoverEATS: TOP TEN (New Cafes and Restaurants in Marilao and Meycauayan 2016) – UPDATED

Hooray!!! It’s the last day of August and it’s time to reveal my TOP TEN New Cafes and Restaurants in Marilao and Meycauayan for 2016. For the benefit of those who were not able to follow the Local DiscoverEATS series, let me briefly explain. We embarked on a month-long advocacy series to support local start-ups, specifically cafes and restaurants in my hometown (Marilao) and my husband’s hometown (Meycauayan). We ate around and featured one establishment per day. Incidentally, some pounds crept in (yikes!) but IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! To get to know more about the heart of the advocacy, please click here.


Let me shed light on the difference of our features from reviews since this has been brought up by one of our readers. I personally would like to refrain from reviewing new establishments and instead feature them and the best that they could offer. I feel that an honest review (which I endeavor to give) is a little too early and might be counter-productive either way – positive or negative. If I lean on praising them so as to get you to try them, you might go there with higher expectations which lead to a higher risk of being disappointed. I say this because this has happened to me many many times before after reading and believing reviews. On the other hand, if I be a little critical or complaining, it might discourage you to go check them out altogether. Thus, I feature rather than review new establishments. I believe reviews are for the older ones, probably three to five years old. I believe that it is only at that moment that an honest review becomes very helpful for the entrepreneurs. The first three years is a steep learning curve for most, if not, all of our homegrown local start-ups. Thus, what I am trying to promote here is for us, locals to give them a chance with open hearts and open minds, untainted by anyone’s personal taste or preference. Let us give them the benefit of time and our constructive feedback.

At this point, let me just say that we have enjoyed each and every cafe and restaurant we had been to. They all have their personal charms, unique deliciousness and distinct aesthetic appeal. If you like to have fun adventures, new discoveries and a perpetual dash of mystery, YOU MUST TRY each one of them and be surprised. Now, the purpose of this round up (TOP TEN) is solely for learning, growth and affirmation. I will be communicating here how those on this list stood out somehow and let it be my two cents worth as a customer. I hope that it will be of great help to all entrepreneurs behind the cafes and restaurants and even those aspiring entrepreneurs among you.

I dare say that our Local DiscoverEATS advocacy series has been a success. Thank you everyone! Thus, it’ll be too bad if we just end it with just 30 stores and limit it into a month. My dream is for it to be a movement, hehe. In line with this, I am also listing down here other cafes and restaurants we’ve been to but was not included in the series and others that we have yet to visit here in Marilao and Meycauayan. Incidentally, we were invited to a store launch this September. Yey!!! So excited! ^_^  Finally, I have also listed down those that have unfortunately closed down for your reference.

Top 10 New Cafes and Restaurants (in alphabetical order):

ASV Cupcakery (Marilao) 

UPDATE: Their physical store has been closed since January but they are still very much open for orders (3 days lead time)

I love that there is always something new in here so there is always something to look forward to. I remember coming in here for the first time and loving their Brazo de Mercedes cupcake, only to find my self falling even more in love with their Dark Chocolate Mini Cake the next time around. I can’t wait to be surprised again when I come by next. Oh and they’ve a got a really cute store fit for princesses.ASV Cupcakery_Dark Chocolate

ASV Cupcakery_Interior

Avenida Pasteleria by Eggenflour (Meycauayan)

It feels like home in here. So warm and intimate. Just the perfect environment to enjoy some good coffee and spectacular sweets with friends and family. It is also remarkable how the owners who are also bakers, are very hands on. Their passion for what they do, their relentless hard work and warmth just simply shine through and draws people in. They are also able to communicate that through their social media.Avenida Pasteleria_Champorado

Avenida Pasteleria_Interior

Bizhio Coffeeshot (Marilao)

This is such a cool little place, perfect for barkada night outs. At least for my kind of barkada night outs, hehe. I am not a fan of noisy bars or dance clubs. I prefer this kind of place to enjoy conversations with friends, enjoy some nice drinks and awesome savories in quiet and calm (while my friends and I make all the noise =p). So I believe this store is specifically reaching out to men and women in their late 20s and beyond and they’re doing it good. It’s always wise to have an identified market to cater to and have a distinct brand.Bizhio Coffeeshot_Pizza Cone

Bizhio Coffeeshot_outside

EBC Cafe (Meycauayan)

I remember starting to eat what we’ve ordered here and my sister and I just can’t stop saying: “sarap, sarap…”. Honestly, that’s all I could remember about this place aside from their fun and cool centerpieces which I believe you should go there to experience. (What we ordered: Brownie ala mode, Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings, Reese’s Frappe and Brewed Coffee) EBC Cafe_Brownie ala Mode

Frappesmen (Marilao)

I had been here when they were just starting out and I was not very happy. Fortunately, I embarked on this advocacy and found myself amazed at how much it has improved since then. Indeed, we should give these new stores the benefit of time and second chances. As far as I am concerned, this is the most improved cafe and I congratulate those behind the progress. They have a very small store but it is brilliantly designed for space maximization. Their food has also improved tremendously, especially their cakes. I say keep up the good work and don’t stop getting better!Frappesmen_Lemon Bar Frappe


Krazy Kup (Marilao)

This place is a dream come true for those looking for a place to work or study. They have WiFi connection, ample electrical outlets, spacious elbow room, high tables and lots of comfy seats. Also, they have the most beautiful place if I may say. They have wonderfully executed a mismatched yet coordinated interior.Krazy Kup_Grilled Cheese

Krazy Kup_Outside

Las Abuelas Bakeshop + Cafe (Meycauayan)

I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable everything is in this store, as in EVERYTHING! As an entrepreneur, I am in awe at how they are doing that and as a customer, I say just keep it going! This place is perfect for family eat outs or celebrations. It’ll be any mother’s budgeting best friend. Lastly, I would just like to commend this store for its auto-reply in its Facebook Page Messaging. It is so thoughtful to automatically send details like your address, opening hours and contact numbers to anyone who’s sending you a message, which most probably will be an inquiry on the store’s details. That way, they can immediately get their answers. Just brilliant! I have recently changed the auto-reply message for my blog’s Facebook Page in lieu of this. Thanks!Las Abuelas_Red Velvet Cupcake

Las Abuelas_Interior

Little Cafe (Meycauayan)

I hereby bestow upon this store the Special Award for having the Most Excellent Customer Service. I went here with three of my friends, one of whom brought her two kids. The store could probably sit eight to 10 people inside and there were already two people in there when we came. We are not a very ‘mahinhin’ (prim and proper) bunch and we are all tall so we entered the little store with much disturbance and noise, hehe. Moreover and as always, it took a long time before we determined what we’d order, asking about this and that. Through all this, the servers were very patient and accommodating. They immediately gave us water upon seating us without us having to ask. They even gave us complimentary sylvannas. Not just one but one for each! The best part? IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD! We concluded that indeed the best things in life are free. Little Cafe_Caramel Coffee

Little Cafe_Interior

Pang Masa Ya Japanese Ramen House (Marilao)

If you are looking for a nearby Japanese restaurant with the authentic Japanese taste and setting, PLEASE GO HERE! I have long been passing by this unassuming place, which is honestly not that attractive from the outside but don’t be fooled. They have superb ramen with freshly-made noodles. I love a no-fuss restaurant who slays it with its food. After all, people will most likely come back again and again for the food. Pang Masa Ya_Gyoza

Pang Masa Ya_Interior

Rec Area (Marilao)

The idea of providing board games etc. for customers to bond over is not an original. Nonetheless, this store executed the concept fully invested and I say that’s how you do it! That’s how you adopt an idea! They made it truly their own and marched on with full conviction. With my rough count, they have around 50 different games, a number that is more than their seating capacity! Furthermore, this store has seen significant improvements from the last time I was there both in terms of food and the interior design. Kudos!
Rec Area_Cupcakes

Rec Area_Game Area

Other New Cafes and Restaurants Included in the Series:

360 Coffee (Meycauayan) 

Box of Sweets by Punky Porca (Marilao)

Cafe J Blvd (Marilao)

Cafe Santaio (Meycauayan) – with a new branch

Cozy Coffee + Waffles (Marilao)

Curiositea (Marilao)

Dominus Cafe (Marilao)

Gruhana Bites (Meycauayan) 

I’s Cream (Marilao) – relocated

Jeka’s Cafe (Marilao)

Kebab Connection (Meycauayan) – relocated

Madelyn’s Rib Joint (Meycauayan)

Noah’s Cafe (Meycauayan) – relocated

Paburritos (Marilao) – closed

Sip & Treats (Meycauayan) 

Style Studio Cafe (Marilao)

Yoshiniku (Meycauayan)

New Cafes and Restaurants Visited but not Included in the Series: 

Cafe Gregorius


Granny Popz Cafe

New Cafes and Restaurants yet to be Visited: 

Cafe Avenue by Mikka’s House of Bulalo

Cafe Romeo (Marilao)

Cornerstone Cafe (Marilao)

Hideout Cafe (Meycauayan)

Keishabelle’s Cafe (Meycauayan)

Kopi Corner (Marilao)

Kriv Fashion Cafe (Meycauayan)

Network Bites (Marilao)

Pork vs. Chicken (Meycauayan)

Shisha-me Street Cafe (Meycauayan)

Older Cafes and Restaurants: 

Banchetto (Meycauayan)

Cafe Nenzo (Meycauayan)

Our Kitchen (Meycauayan)

Sky Cafe (Meycauayan)

Strangebrew Cafe (Meycauayan)

Cafes and Restaurants that are no longer: 

Burgerville (Meycauayan)

Cafe Bruno (Meycauayan)

Cafe Katsura (Meycauayan)

Cafe Lolek (Marilao)

Coffee Bloom (Marilao)

Coffee Chat (Meycauayan)

Dambu Cafe (Meycauayan)

DM’s Steak & Shake (Meycauayan)

Don Pollo (Meycauayan)

GAC Milk Tea (Meycauayan)

Kaffe Ninyo (Marilao)

Korean Fusion Restaurant (Meycauayan)

Kyoto Ramen Station (Meycauayan)

Landmart Cafe (Marilao)

Tam’s and Friends Cafe (Meycauayan)

Zab’s Cafe and Restaurant (Meycauayan)


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  2. I commend you with the great reviews you’ve made. I definitely agree with you since me and my family have experienced and tasted the same thing as we visited some of these local restos you mentioned in your blog. However, have you visited Mang Chaa located at Ema Town Center? They are best known for milk tea, coffee and iced tea but now they also offer food varieties in collaboration with Chekka (dunno if I spelled it right) Grace as the food provider. A must try is the Spam Musubi partnered with Thai Milk Tea or Wintermelon Pearl Milk Tea and it has always been my favourite.. They have a variety of other foods to offer like the all-day breakfast, appetizers, fries and sandwiches, pasta, sausages and some Japanese variety to choose from. It has a nice and cool atmosphere great for conversations and the staff are all well trained and polite. Thank you for posting and sharing your blog. We will definitely try them all, one resto at a time. πŸ™‚

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    Healthy part of foodies competition that always leveling up the quality of food/service value/ venue wrap-up and even the hype of customer experience. We will try to check out those new names that sounds and looks enticing!.
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  18. This article is my go-to guide whenever me and my boyfriend are out on our quality time. We love to go cafe hopping always after strolling around Bulacan. Our personal fave is Las Abuelas because it’s the nearest one and their products are very yummy and affordable!

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  21. Sweets are simple pleasures in life… personal favorite Las Abuelas Bakeshop + Cafe (Meycauayan) <3, I love their Prawn Pasta, Blueberry cheesecakes and Ensaymada…thanks BuckEat List for featuring new coffee shops/ bakeshops in Meycauayan and Marilao

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