Keeping It Real

This is kind of a harried post. My husband has been ill for more than two weeks now without apparent reason. He has been experiencing right lower back pain and low grade fever after contiguous strenuous driving and chores. We went to see a rehab doctor (pain specialist) about five days ago. We chose this speacialty after doing some research online on the symptoms he’s been experiencing. We waited to be seen by this doctor for over two hours. She came in very very late. Good thing, she had few patients and we were just fourth in line. We should have taken that as a cue and went to another doctor in the same department who were already there. Our consultation didn’t even last two minutes. She basically told us we were seeing the wrong doctor at our first statement of symptoms. She didn’t even ask for more details (history) or palpated the tender area (physical diagnosis). We were stunned by her swiftness and insensitivity. She saw in the sign-up form that we’re from far away. We traveled for over two hours and braved the Friday afternoon traffic just to be there. It was evening so we didn’t get a chance to look for another doctor. Honestly, I’m not even moved to try look for another doctor. In Tagalog, nakakadala – so frustrating and disappointing. The unfortunate thing is this incident is not a rarity. It has become the common experience for many Filipinos. I have experienced this again and again and have heard from others the same sentiment. I can actually consider us lucky because we were not charged for the doctor’s one-minute lip service. It is next to none to encounter smart doctors with sufficient compassion and genuine concern. I am just heart broken. We have decided to just avail of an executive health check-up so we don’t have to deal with the waiting, guessing and passing game. Also, we’re looking for alternative medical intervention. 

So this is the reason why I have not been able to post my Independence Day No Bake Recipe in time for well, the Independence Day. Nonetheless, I am really excited to share it with all of you because it is YUMMY! My target is today but I am not sure because we’re supposed to accompany my mother to the hospital. She’s taking my grandmother, who has Parkisons and got into a head-related accident recently, to a neurologist for follow-up. I’m expecting hours and hours of waiting, again =\.

Note: Keeping It Real is a blog series I have started as a venue to share my personal ‘realities’ related to this blog and life in general

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