Hubby Birthday!!! Part 2 of 2 – Extended Celebrations (with Tabing Ilog Updates)

Hubby Birthday Part 1 of 2


Joshua and Jocelyn: Yummy!

“Thank you Lord” =)

My husband’s birthday had an extended celebration when we treated the kids of Tabing Ilog with some homebaked cookies the following week. To get to know more about our Tabing Ilog reach out, go over here. It was incidentally our scheduled classroom clean-up. The classroom we use, which is actually a make-shift house, was in a total mess after the recent Habagat flooding. A family used to live there and when they moved out, we asked Nanay Diling, the president of the association in that community if we could use it as a classroom every Sunday. She was fortunately amenable to idea. Before, we can hardly teach anything because the kids were just so many and the age range was just too far. As you may have guessed, it was chaotic.

Jadey!…we missed you Gail
Mission accomplished! Yey!

For a time, we even stopped engaging the kids altogether and just focused on some teens especially because it was only my husband and I going there. Now, we have co-volunteers, Jade and Gail. They have been great blessings for us and the children. We were able to divide the kids into two groups – the toddlers and juniors. So everything was going smoothly with additional help and the room but Nanay Diling decided to lock down the house with a scrap plywood nailed to the entrance because kids were reportedly coming there and were being destructive =(. On top of that, Habagat happened as mentioned above. Fortunately, after all the raining, we came to an agreement with the community leader that we’d install a door with lock to the house so kids can’t come in whenever they want and so that we can continue to use it during Sunday learning sessions. This agreement led us to the clean-up, which was just about two weeks ago but unfortunately, there was a flash flood yesterday. Now I am not sure what is the condition there =(.

Busy bees ^_^

Going back to the celebratory cookies, it was a timely treat for it served as a good incentive for the kids to help out, not that they needed any. They were just so excited to be part of the activity. They treated it as play time. They are used to playing in the dirt, catching tadpoles in puddles of water, swimming in the mud, bathing in the rain and all sorts of outside ‘dirty’ activities. However, they were not really concerned about seeing the classroom be clean so we eventually had to give them trivial tasks to keep them out and busy, hehe. By the way, if you have the heart to spend some of your time with these kids, you are very welcome to do so. Just contact us for details on how you can volunteer. No special skills needed. It actually requires nothing much from you but know that the small amount of time and effort you can extend will have a huge impact to these children.

I am the half body in the background, hehe

Junmark’s birthday had another extension when a couple of his friends invited him out to dinner at Box Yard in Karuhatan, Valenzuela. Actually, I thought about celebrating his birthday there after we went there with my sister and her boyfriend to celebrate their first monthsary. To know more about that story and the Food Park, click the image below.


Spaghetti with left-over lasagna meat sauce

Hubby Birthday Part 1 of 2

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