Homemade Maki (Sushi Roll)

Homemade Maki (Sushi Roll)

Homemade Maki (Sushi Roll)If you have never made any variety of Maki or sushi roll at home, you have been missing a lot! This Japanese specialty is so versatile, easy to make and it easily pleases. I have to say that this dish is meant to be made at home (not bought or maybe that’s just the cheapy/practical in me =p). It is every homemaker’s best friend. I am certain that this will be your new go-to dish for parties (it definitely is at our home), pot lucks or whenever there are surprise visitors (we all know that that happens). It is also perfect to pack for out-of-towns, for the office (siguradong maraming manghihingi =p) or for kids going to school. Yes, kids are going to love this too! My niece and nephew choose this over any other dish on the table whenever there’s a feast. Homemade Maki (Sushi Roll)I understand that a lot people are intimidated by this seemingly sophisticated Japanese specialty, especially because it is quite expensive to buy in restaurants. PLEASE DON’T BE! It is really so easy to make. Kids can even help you make this. You don’t need a fancy bamboo mat or learn a special skill to roll one up. To keep it real, I just placed the bamboo mat that you can see below in the photo below as prop, hehe. I prefer rolling sushi by hand. It is the simplest and easiest. Why complicate?Homemade Maki (Sushi Roll)I have already said it is versatile and I eleborate on that here. As you can see, I made the featured Maki here with crab sticks, cucumber and mango, much like your California Maki. For extra special touch, I also squeezed in some Japanese mayonnaise and Unagi (eel) sauce. BUT! It really does not have to be this way. You can use fried Tilapia, Tinapa (smoked fish), canned Tuna, shredded chicken breast and whatnot instead of the crab sticks. You can leave it at that or put in some scrambled eggs for added flavor. What I’m saying here is that it’s up to you what to fill your Maki with. You can go laid back with just one filling or go all out to your heart’s content. By then, you have probably made what’s called Futomaki or fat Maki =).Homemade Maki (Sushi Roll)

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Homemade Maki (Sushi Roll)
Serves 10
This Japanese specialty is so versatile, easy to make and it easily pleases. I am certain that this will be your new go-to dish for parties, pot lucks or whenever there are surprise visitors. It is also perfect to pack for out-of-towns, for the office or for kids going to school.
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  1. 1 pack Nori or Seaweed Sheet (10 pcs)
  2. 10 cups of Cooked Rice (preferrably Japanese or Denurado)
  3. 5 medium Ripe Mangoes
  4. 2 long Cucumbers
  5. 10 to 20 Crab Sticks
Optional (for extra special touch)
  1. Japanese Mayonnaise (or any brand of mayonnaise you prefer)
  2. Unagi (Eel) Sauce
  3. 2 to 4 tbsps Sesame Oil
For the Dip
  1. Soy Sauce (preferrably Kikkoman)
  2. Wasabi Paste
  1. Scoop 10 cups of Cooked Rice into a large bowl or two separate bowls
  2. Drizzle in 2 to 4 tbsps of Sesame Oil and toss until well-combined
  3. Let it cool but not completely (it is best to serve Maki a little bit warm)
  4. Meanwhile, peel and slice each mango cheek into four and each cucumber into eight (use 2 sticks of mango and a stick of cucumber per roll)
  5. Place 1 Nori lengthwise in front of you with the shiny side down and in a flat surface
  6. Spread out 1 cup of cooked rice from one edge (near you) to about 2/3 to 3/4 of the sheet
  7. Lay sticks of mango, cucumber and crab to cover the width of the sheet and place it near the rice-covered edge (near you)
  8. For extra flavor, squeeze in some Japanese Mayonnaise and Unagi (Eel) sauce as well
  9. Carefully roll up the sheet with both hands like you would a lumpia (or yoga mat =p)
  10. Lightly dampen the uncovered part of the Nori with some water to seal
  11. Slice each roll into eight
  1. Cooked Rice should no longer be too hot that it'll wilt the Nori when assembling
  2. It is preferrable to use 2 Crab Sticks per roll but one is enough - just divide it into two to cover the length of the roll
  3. Using a serrated/bread knife to slice the sushi roll is highly recommended
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