Camalig Restaurant

Sadly Disappointed at the Historic Camalig Restaurant

This is a continuation of my road trip to Pampanga with some of my dearest friends who also happen to love food as much as I do! We headed at the Historic Camalig Restaurant in Angeles City for lunch since I’ve read that they have awesome and unique pizzas. Unfortunately, it was a disappointment=(. For one, we almost didn’t eat there because of the sheer heat inside the restaurant. It was a human oven! It was hard to breathe. Good thing, a member of the staff approached us when we were about to leave and led us to their mezzanine, which has air-conditioning. They turned it on for us but why only then??? Camalig RestaurantOn the bright side, the restaurant is visually appealing and effectively historical in ambianceCamalig RestaurantAs for the food, we tried two flavors of pizza: Marco’s Three-Way with tuyo and Bicol Express. We also ordered a serving of Pancit Luglug and Sisig. As much as I would like to love their food, I didn’t. My friends were not impressed as well. The tuyo in Marco’s Three-Way was overpowering. The Bicol Express flavor was better executed but their base crust was wanting nonetheless. I am all about the crust when it comes to pizza. I believe it makes or breaks a pizza. The Pancit Luglug was bland. I had high expectations for this dish because my mother makes this at home. I am a full-blooded Kapampangan, by the way =). Lastly, the Sisig. I don’t what to say. Nothing remarkable. I’ve had way better Sisig.

So sorry for the negatives but I don’t want to mislead anybody like I felt I was – by the numerous sterling reviews I’ve read about this restaurant. Maybe it had its glorious days? One thing I appreciated though, was their delicious Kamias shake. It was the restaurant’s saving grace for me. I’ve always wondered what I can do with the overflowing fruits of our Kamias tree. Thanks to the Historic Camalig Restaurant for the refreshing idea! I will surely try making my own version at home.

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