Finding Rest at John Peter Bed & Breakfast (Wedding Anniversary Getaway in Tagaytay)

Finding Rest in Tagaytay_Taal Volcano
What is a trip to Tagaytay without a picture of Taal Volcano, right? So I really had to take a picture as we were driving home, no matter how far, hehe

This post is a month overdue. My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary early November at John Peter Bed & Breakfast in the beautiful and cold Tagaytay. We stayed there for three days and I had wanted to write this post right there and then as well as have our annual planning for the blog and another business. I thought Tagaytay would be a perfect backdrop for clear and creative thinking. I imagined being ultra-productive given our beautiful accommodation and also squeeze in morning jogs and yoga BUT…we all know what’s coming next, hehehe. 

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As you may have guessed, it did not work out that way, so far from it! We ended up oversleeping, eating, watching TV, conversing, laughing and massaging each other for most of the time. I think the serenity and beauty of Tagaytay (and our accommodation!) overpowered us and we cannot but give in to a full-fledged rest. Lame excuse huh? =p We of course did work to get material for this post and other upcoming posts related to this but that was it. We also had a wonderful time interviewing the lovely couple who own John Peter Bed & Breakfast. I was so moved by their rags to riches story and admire how humble and down to earth they remain to be. It was the kind of inspiration I need to hold onto my own dreams and just keep going and believing no matter what. I’ll tell more about their story when I feature their restaurant on my next post because that’s where they started =).

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To keep it real though, I was really disappointed with myself for not being disciplined enough then. I had been preparing for our planning for a couple of weeks before that and had been sleeping little and then when we were finally there…nothing. Just a like a student who studied day in and day out for an exam, only to miss that exam for sleeping through an alarm. Funny how I make this similar choices – targeting too high and missing, again and again (who’s with me?=p).

But seriously, as an after thought, I am so grateful that we spent most of the time just chilling. I often undermine the power of rest, deprioritize it and feel guilty about it. I forget that rest is as valuable to us as work is. Rest gives our souls the time and space to breathe. Without it, we end up hating the very jobs and people that we love. Like for me, I enjoy blogging, photography, marketing and the whole lot of what I do but I sometimes find myself dreading the day because of these activities. I get so tired and yet still get disappointed with myself because there is as much work at the end of the day as there was at the beginning. And this should not be! I must give myself time to stop and celebrate what I have accomplished and be excited for what’s yet to come and that is what rest is for.

Mahogany Public Market Finds…as some of you may know, I love going to the public market when I travel to other places to check ot what’s in store

Moreover, rest allows me to always be conscious of my bigger purpose and my great destiny. Without rest, my world becomes small, frustrating and pointless.  It gets confusing and heavy. I am not a master of this as well but I say we should put premium on rest and prioritize it as well. It has unimaginable benefits for every aspect of our lives: our career, our relationships and our personal growth. So yeah, I say let us all take advantage of opportunities to rest, celebrate it and pursue it even. 


Address: 52 Aguinaldo Hi-way, Crossing Mendez East, Tagaytay City

Contact #: 0927-844-1126 | 0947-424-4090 | (046) 483-0336

Parking: Spacious

WiFi: At the lobby

Amenities: All rooms have Air-conditioning, LCD TV and Hot and Cold Shower


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