Easy Homemade Dark Chocolate Gelato Using Pinoy Tsokolate Tablea (with video!!!)


I was kind of forced into falling in love with dark chocolate but I don’t regret it a bit. Before, milk chocolate is chocolate for me – creamy and sweet. I have loved it that way for all my life like most people do. However as I got older, I got more health conscious and was determined to choose healthier options (at least half the time =p). I didn’t really know about dark chocolate until that time and found it a little odd (aka bitter) at first. Nonetheless, I was determined to take the healthier route and so I forced myself to choose dark chocolate everytime. Then one day, I realized I already truly madly deeply favor dark chocolate over milk chocolate.  I say it really pays to give something, in this case, a healthier option, a try. My little sister finds me weird for it (do you?) but I really really do love dark chocolate now. If you also do, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.


I enjoy the natural bitter (with fruity notes) flavor of dark chocolate and now find milk chocolate too sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy milk chocolate (especially with nuts, raisins or wafer) but I just enjoy dark chocolate more (as is, no add-ons). My favorite now is Delfi’s 60% Dark Chocolate. I finished one bar in one seating just about two days ago, nyikes! I know that that is not a particularly healthy thing to do but it was still healthier all in all right? Hehe.


What I am trying to say with all that back story is simply that this Easy Homemade Dark Chocolate Gelato recipe is for dark chocolate lovers out there like me. This is the real dark deal and I am very much in love with it and its health benefits. This is not for those looking for something semi-dark although I’d give you ways on how to tone down the flavor or bitterness to your liking. But I would also want to challenge you to give this healthier option a try. Who knows? You might just be forced into loving it as well? =) It doesn’t hurt to try something new, especially when you know it will benefit you anyways.


By the way, this is one of those accidental recipes of mine which I didn’t really intend to create. This was ‘discovered’ from freezing my leftover Tsokolate eh (Hot Chocolate Tablea Drink). Check out the recipe by clicking on the photo below:

Tsokolate eh (Hot Chocolate Tablea Drink)
Tsokolate eh (Hot Chocolate Tablea Drink)

How I knew that this Dark Chocolate Frozen Dessert is a GELATO:

Technically, I am not sure if this is indeed a Dark Chocolate Gelato but it sure tastes and feels like it and thus I called it so. I know it is not ice cream because I didn’t use any cream and didn’t really introduce much air (ice cream is actually 60% air!). Then, I thought this could pass for a sorbet or sherbet but both are generally fruit-based with the latter made with milk, so not really. There are also other frozen dessert categories like granita or soft-serve ice cream but this dark chocolate treat doesn’t fall on either of these as well. Granita is basically a snow cone with rough icy texture and is also fruit-based while a soft serve is essentially an ice cream created in a higher temperature and with less fat. Can it be a sundae or a parfait? Nuh uh. I have learned that a sundae is actually a kind of preparation of ice cream. It is any ice cream with topping, originally of whipped cream and cherry. From here, I surmise that McDonald’s vanilla sundae (my favorite!) is not a sundae but a soft-serve ice cream! As for parfait, it is also an ice cream preparation. It is any ice cream layered with fruit or syrup. So in the end, I was left with gelato. Strictly speaking, gelato should have about 20% air incorporated in it. That is its main difference from ice cream plus it uses more milk than cream. Because of less air bubbles and fat, any flavor used in gelato will be more intense and the texture will be denser. I have no means (or plans =p) of measuring the air content of this dark chocolate frozen dessert recipe; but with the description of taste and texture of gelato as reference, I am convinced that this is indeed a Dark Chocolate Gelato, homemade and super easy to make, probably the easiest!

Dark Chocolate Gelato
The real dark deal for dark chocolate lovers out there like me! You are going to love it and its health benefits!
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  1. 1 1/4 cup Water
  2. 1/2 + 1/3 cup Fresh Milk (or Evaporated Filled Milk)
  3. 1/2 cup + 2 tbsps Cocoa Powder
  4. 3 tbsps White Sugar
  5. 10 pcs Chocolate Tablea
  1. Put all ingredients in a blender and process for about a minute or until well-blended. It is okay if chunks of chocolate remain
  2. Heat in a microwave for about 5 mins (1 min intervals) or until all the chocolate has melted and everything has thickened. You can also use a sauce pan and stove to do this
  3. Pour in a freezer-safe container
  4. Let it cool at room temperature until it is just warm to the touch
  5. Put a lid on the container and freeze for at least 6 hours (best overnight)
  6. Put any topping of choice when served or none so keep it real healthy
  1. To tone down the bitterness, you can exchange a portion (or all) the water for equal parts of milk and add 1-3 tbsps more of white sugar
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