Cake Strip

Why do Cakes Dome and How to Avoid It?

I’ll get right to it. So cakes dome upon baking because the sides get baked faster than the middle. This happens because the sides are directly in contact with the pan. On the other hand, the middle of the cake rises optimally. A domed cake is only good if you intend it to be so. For example, if you’re planning to crumble the trimmings to garnish your cake. Otherwise, you will end up with some scraps from leveling the cake. I just hate such waste because the same amount of hard work went into it. I’d rather avoid it if i can. Thank God I encountered the perfect solution in Rose’s Heavenly Cakes by Rose Levy Beranbaum. She explains it very well in there too.

She recommends using a silicon cake strip to wrap around the pan so as to insulate the heat that’s being conducted to the sides of the cake. There is another commercial option like the ones I used in the picture above from Wilton. These are basically strips of aluminized fabric that needs to be soaked in water before using. Before my sister gifted me with these, I improvised by cutting strips from an old towel, thick and long enough for my pans. I secured it with safety pins. I dampen these strips before using as well.

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