Bulacan Day 2016

Bulacan Day 2016: 15 Popular Foods You Probably Didn’t Know Originated From Bulacan

I have been living in Bulacan since I was six years old, so that’s about 22 years! However and unfortunately, I don’t really know a lot about this province, let alone my town here in Marilao. I never even knew we have our own version of pancit – Pancit Marilao (get to know more pancit varieties here). My parents didn’t exactly allowed us to go out except for going to school but still! I should have some kind of remembrance of facts or an emotional connection to this place. Honestly though, I have none. It is only now that I am happily getting to know and seeing more of Bulacan. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I don’t really remember anything from my history or social studies class =p. For more of my sentiments regarding this, read on below. If not, just skip the blue box =).

Allow me to just give my two cents’ worth regarding History and Social Studies classes. When I was in elementary and high school, I didn’t really care about this subject because it was all about memorizing dates, names and places. Nothing really made deep sense, no critical thinking was required, no patriotism was inculcated, no principles were planted, no relevance was identified …in short, there was no real learning and understanding. Maybe this is the reason why Filipinos are very much lacking in national pride and sense of community. Yes, we deeply value family but we seem detached from outside of that.

History and Social Studies class is the best or probably THE ONLY avenue for young Filipino minds to get to know about the heart, soul and history of their towns, cities, provinces and country. It is where we should have learned to love our country with all its beauty, its flaws, its triumphs and its downfalls. It is where we should have learned from the past to avoid repeating debilitating history and build on what works. Unfortunately, we are more commonly choked with too much dates, names and places to memorize inside the classroom. The result? We lose interest. We lose touch. We forget.

I fervently hope and pray that this will change. History and Social Studies classes should be taught in such a way that it becomes a powerful tool to positively mold and move the youth. It should make us want to protect our environment. It should motivate us to promote our heritage. It should encourage us to fight for our freedom. It should fuel our passions and dreams. If it doesn’t, then what is the point?.

Today is Bulacan Day and I don’t really know anything about it other than it’s a special non-working day. I tried to do some research in the internet about how it’s celebrated but there is essentially nothing to show for it.  I follow the Facebook page of the provincial government but there are seemingly no events coming up. I wonder why? Are there not enough reasons to celebrate the founding of this province? Do we have nothing to commemorate or acknowledge? If you are privy to any tradition related to the Bulacan Day, please do leave a comment below because I would love to know.

As it is, I am making my own tribute to this province. I may not have found any festivity or celebration related to its founding but I found so many great things about it that deserves commemoration. It makes me so proud that I grew up here. For one, did you know the this province is the Culture Capital of the Philippines? WHOA and WOW! Rightly so for this province has been home to many national artists, heroes, native arts, crafts and traditions. To get to know more, click here. But since this is a FOOD+RECIPE+TRAVEL BLOG, I would like to focus on popular foods you probably didn’t know originated from Bulacan or from where the Filipino version was developed. Oh, was I surprised! As a foodie and food blogger, I am so honored to have been raised in this deliciously creative province ^_^.

1 – Inipit


2 – Pilipit

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3 – Butcheron

I can eat this all day, all night! Ang sharap sharap! #butcheron

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4 – Binanli

I love this cracker 🙂 #binanli

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5 – Chicharon


6 – Aparon


7 – Belekoy


8 – Barquillos

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9 – Pastillas


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10 – Yema

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11 – Lechon Kawali


12 – Lengua de Gato


13 – Macapuno and Macapuno Candy Balls


14 – Putok


15 – Leche Flan

What a YUMMY province!

Now, I am not yet sure but I have read that the following are also from Bulacan: 

  • Cornik
  • Sweet Beans
  • Butong Pakwan
  • Green Peas
  • Banana Chips
  • Buchi
  • Nata de Coco

If you’ve got leads or credible information, do tell in the comment section below, thanks!

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