Healthy 2017 Jumpstart

5 Easy Recipes and Tips to Start and End the Year Healthy

I am sure most of you want to lose some (or a lot of=p) weight this year; and I bet it has been on the top spot of your New Year’s resolution for at least the last three years, no? If not, good for you! You are probably very healthy, full of energy and well-balanced. Congratulations and keep up the good work! If yes, this is for you! And for me…since my health has declined in the last six years. I have gained 35 pounds since then, I now get easily tired and my feet aches with walking. Actually, I suffer from hormonal imbalance since about 2010 and it is not easy for me to maintain my weight or get pregnant. I have Polycystic Ovary, which is a very common condition amongst women of reproductive age, and I have not managed it well. Just now, I realized I have not really faced it head on. It felt foreign for me to write it plain and clear that I have it. Hmmm…maybe this is the reason why I am being defeated by it. I have failed to recognize the problem and blindly wished it away. Apparently, that did not work and it will never work. I will definitely be sharing more about this personal concern later on; but for now I would like to focus on what I can do to conquer it and hope that you can find encouragement to overcome your own weight-related struggle as well. Here are 5 Easy Recipes and Tips to Start and End the Year Healthy:

TIP#1 – Name that problem

This is a spontaneous tip that I realized right about now and I want to begin with it. We cannot solve a problem we do not know. That’ll be like your Math teacher asking you to give her an answer to a hidden question. It is simply impossible and ridiculous! We have to put a name to our problem so we can call it out, shut it up and shove it away. Weight struggles are most, if not, all the time rooted to a deeper problem and we need to recognize whatever that is before even dreaming about that cute top we’d like to wear once we hit our weight goal. As you’re figuring that out, you might want to try making this healthy snack bar to keep you boosted in between meals or during work outs: 

Energy Bar

Homemade Energy Bar

TIP#2 – Focus on the purpose

If there is a deeper problem to our weight struggles, there is also a deeper purpose to our weight goals, that we also need to be aware of. I, for one, would love to be lighter in preparation for pregnancy and subsequent child rearing. I would like to be able to nurture and enjoy my family and other relationships for a very long time and for them to enjoy me. I want to have the energy to travel and the freedom to eat. I hope to fulfill The BuckEAT List’s MUST EATS and all my dream travel destinations in the pink of health and basically just be fueled to pursue all my passions. How about you? What is your purpose for becoming healthier? I am with you for wanting to look better in pictures, fitting into your old jeans and getting compliments during get-togethers but it has to go deeper than that. Only a core purpose, deep within your heart and soul can keep you motivated and disciplined. Only discipline can make you make time to prepare and consume a healthy breakfast drink like this one:

175-Calorie Detox Drink

Detox Drink for Weight Loss

TIP#3 – Set small slow steps

Hearing the words small and slow doesn’t really ring success. Having small and being slow are now automatically equated to failure and worthlessness so why am I putting it out as a tip? Well, because I DISAGREE! I have shared before that I went to medical school right after college, stayed for one and a half year and gained a lot of weight. This was before my clinical condition so I gained the weight merely through my lifestyle then. After leaving, I decided to become healthier and in about a year, I lost the extra weight of about 30 pounds. As I was pondering about how I did it, the key success factor was in setting small slow steps. I remember just starting with 15 minutes of exercise. I watched a video of a man who started with one minute! Find your small slow sweet spot and work from there. Going big in exercise in the very beginning will leave you sore, frustrated and resentful. Setting small slow steps will allow you to appreciate small victories that will in turn encourage you to keep moving forward. Set your steps so small and slow that you barely recognize the difference you are making in your lifestyle. In the end, these small decisions will accumulate and produce big results that will surprise you. In this light, you don’t have to give up all your desserts, you can try to make healthier sweets at home like this one:

Dark Chocolate Gelato

I’m making a video for this SOON! Watch out for that =)

TIP#4 – Give yourself a break

So what if you fail to follow your small slow steps to a healthier you in the second day or even in your very first day? It’s okay! Really! Do not expect to have a perfect streak for even the fittest of us have their share of weak days. The only edge of those who succeed in achieving their goals is the will to stand up and try again, again and again 70 times seven. I have been trying and trying for three years to lose weight and it seems like I am not succeeding but I believe that I’d be worse off if I have not fought to try countless times. Women with Polycystic Ovary easily gain weight even with normal consumption of food because their body fails to effectively convert food into energy and is instead stored directly as fat. So we always just have two options when we get off track in the road to health – to get back on or stay off. Now the results for either option is clear, certain and will never ever change. Getting back on track will inevitably lead to success just as staying off track will definitely lead to more failures and further off. This next recipe might not please your palate in your first try but give it a chance. Personally, I find it delicious though…my husband doesn’t =p.

No Meat Yogurt Pesto Macaroni

No Meat Yogurt Pesto Sauce
This is one of my earlier food photos…we always start somewhere and that is not say I’ve come a long way, hehe

TIP#5 – Be accountable to someone

If you are really serious about making changes in your life, it pays to be accountable to another person. Of course, you are first and foremost accountable to yourself because more than anybody else, it is you who want to succeed in your goals. However, it is so easy for us to give into temptations and accumulate on the cheat days when nobody knows about the small slow steps we committed to making. Thus, it is highly important for you to share with at least another person or probably in your social media about what you are embarking on. A little healthy pressure can go a long way but stay true to your purpose. Do not forget that you are getting healthier because you want to and for your own benefit. As a bonus, you might just serve as an inspiration and encouragement to another person or many people in your journey to a healthier you. Wouldn’t that be awesome? As awesome as this final recipe I’m sharing with you, one of my mother’s and I LOVE IT! A meat dish or this for lunch? I’d choose this, rich in protein too!

Moringa (Malunggay) Patty

Moringa Patty
My most popular pin in Pinterest. Oh yes, The BuckEAT List is in Pinterest, FOLLOW HERE:

And so I am committing to a healthier 2017 and sharing it with all of you so I can stay accountable. This does not mean that I’m now going vegetarian or vegan here (nothing wrong with that but I just know it’s not for me =p). It’s just about me being more mindful of what I eat in general and being increasingly active so I can enjoy indulgences (of course, in moderation ^_^) and eat outs (balanced with exercise outs^_^) without hurting my health for the long term. I do hope you found encouragement here and would love to hear about your own weight-related struggles, the steps you’d like to take to become healthier and your personal tips to achieving goals in the comment section below.


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